Thursday, June 26, 2008

Moxie Java in Decatur Closing

Moxie Java Bistro, the Decatur restaurant and coffee house, has announced it will close its doors this Saturday. They have only been open since November. This was posted on their website:

Closing Our Doors!

This Saturday Will Be Our Last Day!

Unfortunately, times are difficult to keep such a large place open. Currently we are looking for someone to buy the bistro from us to keep our establishment up and running. The economy and gas prices has left us no choice but to pull out and take our losses.

It pains us more than you can imagine to have to lose all that we have done for the area, city of Decatur and all of our regulars that return for something new each day! We hope that in the next few months something else will arise that will put us back on the map!

You all know how to keep in touch, so please do so!

Take care

Michael and Renee

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