Friday, January 9, 2009

Miso Izakaya Restaurant, slated to open this month, is located on Edgewood Avenue and brings an uncharted genre of cuisine to Atlanta - Izakaya (pronounced ee-ZAH-ka-ya). Roughly translated, Izakaya means, “a place to eat and drink,” and is an authentic and traditional form of Japanese-style pub fare that features small plates for sharing and inexpensive delicacies.

Miso Izakaya’s menu includes a variety of sake, wine, beer, shochu, and inexpensive, appetizer-size meals prepared in traditional forms of tempura, simmered dishes and grilled robata dishes like yakitori skewers. Miso Izakaya’s unique cuisine is the Japanese equivalent to Spanish tapas-style restaurants and brings the Inman Park neighborhood a casual gathering place to enjoy. The minimal interior design and use of natural earth tones gives Miso a calming and comforting ambience. Chef and Owner, Guy Wong, has drawn from his culinary experience in Japan to produce the city’s first Japanese Izakaya eatery.

Located at 619 Edgewood Avenue in Atlanta, Miso will be open nightly at 5:00 p.m. with ample street parking for patrons. Check back with "News You Can Eat" for opening info.

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