Thursday, February 12, 2009

DRINKSHOP Opens at W Atlanta-Downtown

­W Hotels Worldwide, the fastest growing luxury hotel brand in the world, unveils DRINKSHOP at the W Atlanta-Downtown. It will transfer the ingredient-focused sensibility of the kitchen to the bar, and will be the city's first-ever haute cocktail beverage program with a focus on fresh ingredients and a selection of ices. Petraske consulted on every aspect of DRINKSHOP from its cool uniforms, fresh cocktail creations, and of course, the ice.

There are five signature ice types, including spears, spheres, pellets, chunks and a 150-pound showcase block of ice that will be chipped for sipping spirits. Bottles will arrive at guest tables frozen in a solid block of ice, accompanied by freshly-made mixers such as strawberry lemonade, spicy homemade ginger ale, raspberry-rickey soda, and freshly made mojito mix.

A fruit juicing, vegetable extraction, and ice cutting station is visible behind the bar. In addition, the back bar will incorporate freezers to chill spirits and glassware. Incorporating the concept into a Southern palate, Petraske focuses on classic Southern cocktails using brown spirits and local fruit. Cutting-edge W Atlanta-Downtown design will resonate throughout the space with low communal cocktail tables, creating private spaces for guest interaction. Reservations are encouraged by calling 404-582-5787.

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