Saturday, January 31, 2009

Celebrate Your Singularity on V-Day!

The Shed at Glenwood is hosting a "better-off dinner" for those of us who wish the lover's weekend would pass unnoticed. This fantastic 4 course prefix is available at the bar and chef counter only Friday, February 13th and Saturday, February 14th. Menu is $65 per person.

The Menu: first course: sour goat cheese with sour cherry preserve; second course: violent chicken hearts on a skewer with garlic cheese grits; intermezzo: shot of Bulliet bourbon; third course: black cast iron seared strip with mac & cheese; fourth course: bitter lemon tart with fresh blackberries.

Chef Gummere is also Offering a three Course Prefix for $45 per person in the dining room over the holiday weekend. Check out the website for details and menu. For reservations, call 404-835-4363.

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